Are YOU A Virtual Assistant? Yes – No? Please tell me you are…

Are you stressed out, maxed out and confused with little or no time to get your business organized?


Ah huh? How’d you know?


Well, I can definitely relate to this because I was once there myself.

You were? Tell me more please.


Alright…listen up then.



You’ve got to know this

is the best thing since

pumpkin pie!

So…I took this totally awesome tool called “Trello” and created a simple process to get my clients’ information organized with all the details.


It has places for all.the.things! 


– A place to make notes for your discovery calls

– Goals for your client and things to discuss

– A space to create your weekly to-do list

– A space to list out all your monthly to-do’s

– A filing cabinet to hold important information

– Colors, text, links and so much more!


This is for definitely for you if you are:


– Sick and tired of being un-organized

– Tired of not knowing where to put your client information

– Mixing up your client information with other clients’ stuff

– Stressed out about what to do next



Are YOU ready to get So organized you’ll be able to fit more clients in your schedule?

Or have more free time to spend with your family and friends because your client stuff is finally together?



Come on – you know you want it!



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