The High Cost Of Distractions At Home and Work

The High Cost Of Distractions At Home and Work

The High Cost Of Distractions At Home and Work


We all get distracted. Some of the distractions are brought on by others, but a lot of the time, we do things to distract ourselves. The High Cost Of Distractions At Home and Work – this is real y’all!

We browse through email and social media instead of getting right to work, we get home and turn on the TV to zone out.

We play on our phones whenever we need to take a break and check out for a bit. Are YOU guilty of this?

We cause these distractions for ourselves throughout the day without ever giving much thought to what it costs us in the long run.

What YOU need? Is a little ORGANIZATION

Set Your Work Hours

Let’s start with work hours. Getting distracted will greatly diminish how much you can get done in a given day. Not only do you lose the time that you’re distracted, be it a minute while you check email, a couple of seconds while you glance at your phone to see what the flashing alert is about, or the fifteen minutes when a co-worker stops by to chat.

You lose additional productive time while you’re trying to figure out where you were and what you are supposed to be doing.

The Distractions

The time it takes to get back into “productive mode” is often longer than the time of the actual distraction. And it all adds up. After a couple of dozen distractions on a given day, you’ve easily lost a couple of hours of work time.


By itself, it may not seem like much, but multiplied over weeks, months, or even the year, it’s a lot of time. It’s a lot of progress that you aren’t making on what you’re working on. It may be the difference between getting that raise or promotion and missing out. It may make the difference between taking your business to the next level, and barely scraping by. It will make a big difference in how much money you make at the end of the year.

Your Personal Life – Ya Gotta Have One!


Let’s not forget about your personal life. While you may not be able to put a dollar value on the time you waste here by letting yourself be distracted, the cost ends up being even higher.

How many hours of quality time that you could be spending with your kids or your spouse are you wasting by watching TV shows you don’t really care about?

OR browsing through YouTube videos, or wasting away scrolling through Facebook and doing a Google search that ends with a cat video after two hours of mindless browsing.

Even if it’s just a few minutes here and there, this time adds up and it’s time you’re not getting back.

womp womp…


Isn’t it time to take back control of your time and your life?

Start by cutting out as many distractions as you can.

Here’s a list:
  1. Email
  2. Telephone
  3. Paper
  4. Visitors
  5. Environment
  6. Noise
  7. Meetings
  8. Lists
  9. Expectations
  10. You



4 Distractions That Drain Your Focus on Your Goals

4 Distractions That Drain Your Focus on Your Goals

4 Distractions That Drain Your Focus on Your Goals


There are plenty of distractions in the modern world. They take away your focus and your energy and can stop you from having the life you want. Below are 4 Distractions That Drain Your Focus on Your Goals.

If you’re not hitting your goals, maybe it’s time to look at your main distractions and do something about them.


Here are the most common distractions that are likely stopping you from living your best life:


  1. Social Media

It won’t surprise you to hear that the biggest distraction for most people is social media and the hours it eats out of the day. Take a quick look at your Instagram feed or Facebook, and before you know it, you’re mindlessly scrolling through what looks like other people’s perfect lives.

It’s time to take stock and decide how much of your life you want to spend watching what other people are doing. Set some boundaries about when and how long you will spend on social media. Take a look at your “friends” and see if they’re people you want to know.


  1. Smart Phones

Smartphones are great tools, but they can quickly become a huge distraction. Look around and see how many people are walking down the street with their eyes glued to their phones. Think about how long you can go without checking your phone. Try leaving your phone in your purse or your pocket when you go out for a meal. Leave it at home when you take the dog for a walk.

Another tip is to cull some of the apps on your phone. Work out what you need and delete the rest. And remember mobile games are one of the biggest time-sucks.

Think about how you want to use your time and be strategic about how you use your phone.

<strong>How To Focus</strong>

Build up your focus stamina. Each person may start off with a certain amount of time… 1) Reading is a great way to build up your focus. 2) Multi-task less. Though many people think that multitasking is a great way to accomplish goals more… 3) Pick the right time and place. Though you may not have the luxury of choosing when to start…
  1. Online Watching

How much time do you waste watching meaningless YouTube videos or binge-watching box sets? These might feel like simple, relaxing things to do, but if you’re not careful, they can drain as much time as social media.

Keep focused on how you want your life to be and make decisions about how much recreational TV you want to watch.


  1. Negative People

Giving your time away to negative people can be damaging to your success. Yes, that’s right! You can probably name the people at the office or in your life who drain you of energy and who take up a lot of time with their complaining, attention-seeking, and neediness.


If there are people around you who are undermining your chances of meeting your goals, you need to set some healthy boundaries and get out of their orbit.

Look for positive, high energy people who will support you and cheer you on.

We can help you with that!