How to Get Clients


How to get clients – let me show you the 3 easy ways you can do this. But first, get out your notebook and take notes on this process. Then you can do this for every prospective client in the future.

Do these three (3) things:


  1. Spend time researching


Let the potential client know that you will be sending them an email or private message, but then spend some time researching their business. Take time to read who they are and what they offer.

What have they posted about previously in this same Facebook group?

What do you like about their website or the programs they offer?

What do you see immediately that you can help with? You’ll only know this by taking the time to research them.


research [ˈrēˌsərCH, rəˈsərCH] VERB researching (present participle) investigate systematically. “she has spent the last five years researching her people’s history” · [more] synonyms: investigate · conduct investigations into · study · enquire into · make inquiries into · look into · probe · explore · analyze · examine · scrutinize · inspect · review · assess · read · read up on · pore over · delve into · dig into · sift through · check out discover facts by investigation for use in (a book, program, etc.). “I was in New York researching my novel” · “it’s a piece of work that’s carefully researched, strongly argued, and beautifully written”
  1. Make it personal


When you email the client – make sure to give them a compliment on what they are doing or tell them what you like about their products. Is there anything that connects the two of you? Maybe you grew up in the same state or have the same kind of dog in their profile picture.

Find a way to connect and make it personal.


  1. Give value first


What if you took an extra 30 minutes to SHOW your potential client what you could do for them? In addition to sending them a general portfolio of your work, is there a way that you could show off your skills for their business personally?



Here are some ideas of how this could play out:


  • The client: Wants help with Pinterest
    Give value: Go ahead and create an image that they can pin for their most recent blog post
  • The client: Is looking for someone to help them with blogging
    Give value: Write out a very detailed outline for a post you would like to write for them
  • The client: Wants help with scheduling tweets
    Give value: Make a list of 50 tweets that you have pre-created for them
  • The client: Wants help growing their Instagram account
    Give value: Layout a personalized plan of the exact steps you’ll do for them to increase their followers and engagement.


People aren’t doing this. It takes time. It takes you doing work without getting paid for it. However, if this is a client you really want to work with (which you’ll know since you’ve done your research), isn’t it worth it to take time to make sure your proposal actually gets noticed?




Building a business isn’t easy. It will take work. It will take structure, planning and saying “no” to other things.

However, when you land your first client (and then another… and another… and another) it makes the hard work 1000% worth it.


Here are the steps you’ll need to land your first (and future) clients for your Virtual Assistant business:


1. Reserve at least an hour a day to market your business
2. Send out a friends and family email
3. Make Facebook groups your new best friend
5. Make your proposals stand out from the crowd


And remember, there are usually quite a few applicants trying to get the attention of the business owner that is looking for just the right person for their business needs.

Stand out from the others by going that extra mile. It will help you acquire those clients every time.

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