Building Your Ideal Client Profile


You must know your client when creating your marketing content. Why? Because it’s important to know the exact type of person you want to work for.

Something I’ve noticed recently as I’ve been doing a lot of networking online in Facebook groups is that a lot of people are really putting the cart before the horse when it comes to their marketing plans.

Everyone is looking for advice, the next steps, what to do, and often miss one of the most crucial elements of marketing. Know Your Client.

Folks are creating content, courses, business plans and often forgetting the first step in all of it.

… which is a mistake.

Your marketing and networking will be so much easier when you have that clear picture of who it is you are speaking to as you create the content or post online or talk to people face to face.

Your marketing will be more effective when you create content that speaks to your ideal client.


Today, I want to give you a couple of steps to getting started creating your own Ideal Client Profile.


One of the best ways to create an Ideal Client Profile is to interview folks who you know are your ideal clients already. This way you can ask all sorts of questions to them and this will help you build a composite profile to put together.


Getting Started


Often people doubt this exercise, but here is a little background on how to make it happen… or you can view this next list as the reasons why you should do this versus avoiding my advice.

What exactly is an Ideal Client or Customer?

• Someone who wants what you’re selling and is able to pay for it.

Who should I interview?

• Choose three customers or clients who you LOVE to serve and work with.

What if I don’t have any customers or clients yet?

• Tap into your personal and professional network. Ask if they know anyone who would love what you’re selling.

Does it have to be three people?

• Yes! One interview is not enough to get a clear picture of what’s going on.

Can I interview them via email?

• You will reduce the effectiveness of this exercise if you conduct this interview via email. It’s important that you conduct this interview via recorded telephone or video call. Then you can review the answers.

Why do I need to create an ideal client profile?

• Your marketing message and your offer will be tailor-made for your ideal client. This will help you get laser-focused on your message and who you serve.


Now that you know what and why to do this…. here are the specific steps to take:

  1. Choose 3 people to interview that are your ideal
  2. Conduct the interview via recorded telephone call or video call so you can write their full answers down.
  3. Complete the ideal client profile exercise in Part 3.



Interview 3 clients to get these answers:

  1. What are you struggling with?
  2. Why do you REALLY believe you haven’t solved your problem yet?
  3. What have you previously tried to solve your problem?
  4. Why do you think it didn’t work?
  5. What are you afraid will happen if you don’t solve this problem?
  6. What would a breakthrough look like? (How would you feel? How would your life change? What would you have?)
  7. What beliefs about your current situation do you know you have to let go of in order to breakthrough?


  1. What are the similarities between each of your interviewees?
  2. What are the main differences?
  3. What is your BIGGEST takeaway from this exercise?


You can change the name from your actual client’s name, but make sure each profile includes concrete details from the interview. Make a profile of each one. (Make 3 of these)



My #1 Struggle right now is …

The perfect example of how this problem shows up is…

I think the REAL reason I have not solved this problem is …

In the past, I have tried …
but it didn’t work.

I think it didn’t work because …

If I don’t solve this problem soon, I am afraid …

If I were to break through this particular problem, my life would be so different, I’d …

If I want to have that breakthrough, I’ve got to let go of the belief that I…

NOW… you have your ideal client profiles and can refer to these when you create your marketing content.  

Remember, these basics included in your ideal client profile are key to creating the right marketing messages and content.

Keep them in mind at all times when creating content for your marketing. SPEAK to these folks! They are the ones who need your services and programs the most!

If you can catch their attention with words and content that hits home with them, you will see more results.

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