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Mentoring takes skill, knowledge and guts. Do you need it? Yes, because it’s a smart decision…

Mentoring Basics

The benefits of mentoring are myriad. For individuals, studies show that good mentoring can lead to greater success, including raises, and increased opportunities. Business owners that embrace mentoring are rewarded with higher levels of engagement and knowledge sharing. In fact, mentoring has proved so beneficial that 71% of Fortune 500 companies offer mentoring programs to their employees.

While these statistics are encouraging, it’s important to remember that mentoring is not a magic wand that automatically creates success. The truth is that effective mentoring takes effort, and creating successful mentoring relationships requires specific skills, sensibilities, and structure from both the mentor and the mentee. Success happens when both parties take responsibility for making it work. 

What Makes A Good Mentor?

A good mentor needs to be more than just a successful individual. A good mentor must have the disposition and desire to develop other people. It requires a willingness to reflect on and share one’s own experiences, including one’s failures. Great mentors must be able to both “talk the talk” and “walk the walk.”

Qualities to look for in a mentor:

  • A desire to develop and help others.
  • The ability and availability to commit real time and energy to the mentoring relationship. 
  • Current and relevant industry or organizational knowledge, expertise, and/or skills. 
  • A willingness to share failures and personal experiences.
  • A growth mindset and learning attitude. 
  • Skill in developing others.

Mentors can help you in many areas of your life. Below are several mentors that are recommended by the academy.

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Life Coach

The Certified Life Coach by Lynne Durham

Helping you love your life!!!!!
The person who you show up as and how you feel all day long is because of what you do.
How you feel all day long is dramatically different when you
Love Your Life!

Website Creation by Alex Pemperton

A WordPress strategist and tech integrator on a mission to eliminate your tech headaches so you can focus on your strengths. Because technology shouldn’t get in the way of your message.


Course Creation by Diana Wilson

I teach professionals with 10+ years of field expertise how to channel their knowledge into a profitable online course. Let me help you make the transition from ‘Doing’ to ‘Teaching’. Together we will grow your online training business.

Digital Nomad by Jannie Mitzeiko Harvey

Ebook Marketing Specialist
I help authors build an audience ready for their best selling book.


Funnel Builder

The Funnel Builder by Aika Yusubali

Digital Marketing Strategist and Funnel Designer

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