Hey there!


Are you so disorganized and overwhelmed that you’re having

DOUBTS about yourself?


Your thoughts are everywhere and you think to yourself,

“Am I even going to be a good Virtual Assistant?”


Well, here’s the perfect system that will make your life easier and make you feel like a valuable Rockstar VA!

Let me tell you about it…

Are you having trouble remembering what client has what or what they even do?

What colors they use, what fonts and what graphics to use for each and every client ?

Are you afraid you’re gonna screw up and post client 1 stuff  to client 2 stuff ?

I get it!

I was in the same position as you are, until one day, I had enough of trying to remember it all.

And that my friend is when I decided enough was enough and planned out my oh-so-easy client system

I was spending so much time going back and forth between all my files for each client that I was just a total mess and so confused trying to figure everything out.

Every minute I spent searching for the details was money that was wasted each day, making my day longer and longer until I was exhausted.

Then I realized that if I had a system where everything was all together for each client, it would end my overwhelmed feelings and make me feel organized and confident again. 

Now I’m super organized and no longer feeling stuck thinking that I’m not a good virtual assistant.


AND NOW… so can YOU!!








Wow how awesome, this is just what I was looking for!! How did you know?

Introducing the A.C.T.






A one-of-a-kind Easy Trello Board to capture all your client information to make your business life easy.




“One of the things I like is that Linda is very easy to work with. She’s fast and very dependable.” – Zeke W.

This is for you if:


  • You are a new virtual assistant
  • Haven’t a clue of what information to track
  • You need a system

This is NOT for you if:


  • You are an experienced virtual assistant
  • Already have a system in place
  • You don’t like Trello and love the system you already have

Make YOUR Life Easy and Get Your A.C.T. Today!


Is it worth it?

Yes, it saves you so much time making you feel much more organized.

Is it hard to use?

It’s not hard to use at all. I’ve supplied all the instructions on how to use it.





A finished Trello Board that goes step by step to track all information for a client, so you have all the information you need to remember.

Header Design for the board, so that it’s pretty when you use it so it’s not boring to use.

Instructions included on how to use the board, so you understand the purpose of what you are tracking.

Still on the fence?  Can’t decide?


I’m throwing in these bonuses too!



→ Three different sets of images for the boards, complete with an additional blank one.

→ Written instructions on how to change out the images on the boards.

→ One “hands-on” training with me, via Zoom, on how to use the board for your business.

Make YOUR Life Easy and Get Your A.C.T. Today!

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